Every Pixel Leaves an Impact

Hi! I'm Riya, a passionate designer who brings together my love and expertise for design, copywriting and AI prompt engineering together.

"Design is communicating simplicity in our over simulated world until you forget to Cmd+S it."

I started my design journey at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT Bengaluru) and emerged with a shiny degree in Fashion Communication. From acing print and digital media to diving headfirst into trend analysis and systems thinking, I crafted my design skills through diverse projects and industry experience.

Now, hold on to your pixels! I'm on a mission. Driven by my undying love for UI/UX and strategic design wizardry, I started this design blog. I excel at planning and creating marketing campaigns that elevate a brand's web presence in the most impactful way possible.

Quality & Quantity

Get in touch to view my specially curated portfolio. (Pesky NDAs holding back parts of the good stuff)

My Creative Playground @artreelapse

Sometimes, all you need is art for your soul. Stepping away from forms & functionality, and simply expressing your ideas #CreativeExpressions #ArtReelapse #Explore

collage of a woman wearing a sunglasses on new year eve
collage of a woman wearing a sunglasses on new year eve

Have an Impactful Idea in Mind?

I am always eager to discuss fresh perspectives. Reach out if a question, comment, or suggestion– I'd love to hear from you.